Uber Arizona launched in 2012, since then hundreds of thousands of residents and visitors have experienced efficient, convenient and modern transportation options. In just two years, uberX has become Arizona’s best-in-class reliable and affordable transportation alternative - and has provided opportunities for drivers to increase their earnings, work flexible hours and improve their personal safety - none of which is typically seen in this industry. We call it “ridesharing” and drivers use their own vehicles to provide a transportation alternative.

In an effort to continue this innovative service, lawmakers have introduced House Bill 2262 to the Arizona State Legislature to define “ridesharing” for uberX. We are working with the legislature, regulatory and city agencies, insurance stakeholders and the community to ensure critical elements of the bill are included:

  • Mandatory county, state and federal criminal background checks
  • Vehicle inspections that include verification of licensing, registration and personal insurance in AZ
  • Zero tolerance policy for drug or alcohol use or impairment while working
  • Maintenance of commercial liability insurance in the amount of $1M per incident during ridesharing trips

This legislation will help provide a safe, flexible and additional source of income for drivers while giving consumers the option to choose an affordable, reliable and safe way to move around their cities. Working together with legislators this bill will ensure that safety, innovation and consumer choice will continue to thrive in Arizona. Tell your representatives to stand up for innovation and consumer choice, not special interests.

Show your support for Uber in Arizona by signing the petition. Tell them to vote ‘YES’ on HB 2262 and show them #AZLovesUber.

  • Janice Brewer Governor
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If Arizona truly intends to thrive as a state that fosters innovation and economic growth, its leaders should stand up for technologies like Uber and uberX. HB 2262 would define “ridesharing” in Arizona, modernize transportation options, drive economic opportunity for thousands of drivers, and continue to ensure the highest levels of safety for the public. Stand up for consumer choice and increased transportation options and vote ‘YES’ on HB 2262.

This legislation would ensure ridesharing services, like uberX, continue to deliver safe, reliable and affordable transportation alternatives throughout the state. Stand up for me, not the taxi special interests.

Vote ‘YES’ on HB 2262!



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