UPDATE: The voices of Austinites were heard loud and clear! Because of you, Council Member Riley and the City Council voted overwhelmingly to ensure a more permanent home for Uber in Austin. Our freedom to request a safe and reliable ride remains at the touch of a button. Read more on our blog.


Councilman Chris Riley recently introduced a resolution that would allow Uber to continue its operations in Austin. This is exciting news and proof that Riley understands how much Austinites have embraced safer, cheaper and more reliable transportation options.

Since Uber rolled into Austin, drivers have been able to make more money, riders have more options for a safe ride home, and the streets of Austin are safer due to fewer drunk driving incidents. Now is the time to ensure Uber has a permanent home in the city and Councilman Riley’s ordinance has the potential to do just that.

However that progress could come to a screeching halt if lobbyists for big taxi companies get their way. Right now, the taxi companies in Austin are pressuring City Council members to introduce harmful amendments to the ordinance that would stifle competition, protect their monopoly on Austin’s streets, and block Uber from making sure you get a ride when you need one.

These amendments are part of a misinformation campaign that has been running for months in Austin. One provision would prevent Uber and other peer-to-peer transportation providers from using insurance specifically designed for the industry. Another would prevent drivers from joining the Uber platform and raise prices by limiting the number of vehicles that could pick you up when you need a ride. This would lead to higher prices for everyone.

You can help prevent these poison pills from preventing Austin from accessing the Uber rides that more than 200 cities across the world enjoy. Sign the petition to make your voice heard!

Dear [recipient_title] [recipient_name],

I support Councilman Riley’s initiative to allow Uber to continue operating in Austin. This agreement would level the playing field for competition on Austin’s streets and give residents a ride when they need one.

I urge you to reject any poison pill amendments that would prevent Uber and other peer-to-peer transportation providers from using the comprehensive insurance they already carry; or require artificial caps on drivers or vehicles that are needed to provide rides when your constituents need them. These provisions would raise prices for consumers and take money out of drivers’ pockets.

Please support Councilman Riley’s resolution to continue to allow Uber to operate in the city, and oppose harmful amendments that would limit Austin’s transportation options.

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