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This is a story of Bangalore and the people who move it forward. It’s a story about how, through uberPOOL, we have:

  • Prevented more than 9,364,772 kilometres of unnecessary driving
  • Saved 440,623 litres of fuel by allowing us to match riders using similar routes
  • Cut over 1,037,000 kg of CO2 emissions by sharing a ride
And, most importantly, we're getting more people into fewer cars through innovations such as uberPOOL, and giving riders a real alternative to owning a car. In reality individual car ownership is a necessity, not so much a luxury for people living in cities like Bangalore. The good news is that technology allows us to get more people into fewer cars effectively and efficiently.

Technology today provides an alternative to a world that looks like a parking lot and moves like a traffic jam. If there is one city in the country that needs these solutions more than any other - it is Bangalore.

As a Bangalore resident, you can make a difference by speaking up on how uberPOOL is making our city a better place to live in. Help make sure our city moves forward on ridesharing, through products like uberPOOL and uberMOTO. We're excited for Bangalore to join other progressive cities around the world by embracing the benefits ridesharing brings to cities, by working with the government of Karnataka.

Together, let's keep Bangalore moving.