The Government of Maharashtra has published a draft City Taxi Scheme, 2015. This Scheme aims at protecting the taxi industry from new, innovative technologies like Uber.

Amongst other regressive clauses:

- A mandatory cap on the number of vehicles that can be registered with on-demand mobility platforms like Uber, resulting in - reduced availability, longer ETAs and higher fares for Mumbaikars.

- Regulation to fares with the intention to protect the traditional taxi industry from competition. This means artificially priced, higher fares for the Uber experience that you know and love.

Physical panic buttons - Imagine you enter the vehicle of a driver who works on three platforms. The car will need to have three physical panic buttons; one for each platform. During an emergency, the rider will have to pick the right button to get help on time. That’s 33% chance of success; and a decision that has to be made and executed in a split-second, if at all.

- Other relics of the analog world such as LED panels, physical feedback registers and physical printer for receipts

These rules actively discourage competition and consumer choice.

This is why we need your support. The Government of Maharashtra needs to hear from you that this Scheme is taking Mumbai back.

  • Deputy Transport Commissioner Government of Maharashtra
  • Minister for Transport Government of Maharashtra
  • Transport Commissioner Government of Maharashtra
Transport Commissioner (Maharashtra)
Transport Department,
Government of Maharashtra,

Subject: Review of City Taxi Scheme, 2015

Dear [recipient_title] [recipient_name],

Respected Ma’am,

I’ve recently heard of the draft City Taxi Scheme, 2015 that the Government of Maharashtra has proposed for “taxi service providers” in Mumbai.

I’m writing to you as a supporter of on-demand technology platforms like Uber. Tens of thousands of residents of Mumbai, like myself, rely on Uber as the most effective and reliable way to travel.

I feel that specific, forward-thinking regulations are required for innovative industries like on-demand technology platforms. Such platforms harness advances in technology to make it safer and easier to travel around the city. Therefore, they should be encouraged and not restricted.

I am concerned that some of the clauses, including a restriction on the number of vehicles that can operate on such platforms and the regulation of price, limit my right to choose the most affordable and convenient transportation option.

I respectfully ask you to support innovation and propose regulations that protect both riders and drivers who are a part of the on-demand technology network. This would help in increasing transportation options and provide more choice for commuters across Mumbai and in expanding access to economic opportunities for drivers.

As one of the millions of Mumbaikars who use Uber, I want to have my voice heard.


Thank you,

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