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Since launching in Florida, Uber has reshaped the way we think about transportation in the Sunshine State. Riders are finding a more reliable and affordable way to connect to their communities, and have taken tens of millions of trips across the state. And local drivers are benefitting from flexible income opportunities, taking home hundreds of millions of dollars on the Uber platform, and in turn, helping boost the state’s economy.

The Florida House of Representatives has passed comprehensive ridesharing legislation that will create a regulatory framework for Uber, and companies like it, to operate throughout the state. It’s time for the Senate to finish what the House has started by taking up ridesharing legislation and listen to the thousands of Floridians clamoring for more options. If the bill proposed by Representative Matt Gaetz is passed, it would help create hundreds of thousands of new earning opportunities for Floridians in the coming years, while continuing to connect millions of people to safe, reliable and affordable rides at the touch of button.

Ask Senate President Gardiner and his colleagues to take up HB 509 this session. Don’t let Florida get left behind; 24 states have already passed ridesharing legislation. Join us in advocating for greater opportunity and consumer choice - sign the petition today!

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As a resident of Florida and a supporter of Uber, I urge you to finish what was started, and take up HB 509 this session.

I use Uber because it offers a level of reliability, convenience and safety that other transportation options can’t match. At the same time, drivers on the Uber platform have a new, flexible economic opportunity to supplement their income and make a better living on their own schedule, while providing a valuable service in the community.

Cities around the world are embracing the benefits that ridesharing brings to communities: reductions in drunk driving incidents, expanded access to safe, affordable transportation options, more interconnected neighborhoods, and flexible work opportunities for thousands of residents.

Florida still has a chance to permanently secure these benefits, while also making a firm commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship. Voters like me consider this a critical issue, so I encourage you to make sure sensible ridesharing legislation is taken up and passed this session. Please don’t end the legislative session without getting this done.

Thank you.

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