The Situation

UPDATE: The voices of the people of Houston were heard loud and clear. Mayor Parker listened and came through for all Houstonians by ensuring our freedom to request a ride remains just the touch of a button away. Because of you, Mayor Parker and the City Council voted overwhelmingly to ensure a permanent home for Uber in Houston. Read more on our blog.


On Wednesday, Aug. 6th, Mayor Parker and the Houston City Council will decide whether to expand your transportation options in Houston and increase access to safe, reliable rides with Uber or protect a monopoly that has consistently failed consumers. Thanks to your support, the hard work is close to paying off but we are not quite finished yet. The taxi industry has been wielding its lobbying machine to intimidate Councilmembers and protect its monopoly on our streets.

If the Council fails to pass this consumer-focused ordinance, or adds Amendments designed to protect rich taxi company owners, it will jeopardize your access to uberX in Houston by imposing unnecessary taxes and fees on hardworking uberX drivers.

A world-class city like Houston should not stand for regulations that strangle its economy while harming consumer choice. Houston deserves its rightful place alongside the more than 165 other Uber cities around the world that embrace innovation.

Tell the City Council and Mayor Parker that you support modernizing regulations to allow competition on Houston’s streets and access to the safe, reliable transportation options that innovative technologies like Uber provide.

Make your voice heard. Tell your City Council Member to protect ridesharing in Houston.

  • David Robinson Councilmember
  • Dwight Boykins Councilmember
  • David Feldman City Attorney
  • Edward Gonzalez Councilmember
  • Steve Costello Councilmember
  • Waynette Chan Chief of Staff
  • Robert Gallegos Councilmember
  • Larry Green Councilmember
  • Tina Paez Director
  • Keith Wade Senior Advisor
  • Brenda Stardig Councilmember
  • Annise Parker Mayor
  • Mike Laster Councilmember
  • Jerry Davis Councilmember
  • James Koski Deputy Chief of Staff
  • Oliver Pennington Councilmember
  • Richard Nguyen Councilmember
  • Michael Kubosh Councilmember
  • Dave Martin Councilmember
  • Jack Christie Councilmember
  • Brad Bradford Councilmember
  • Ellen Cohen Councilmember
  • Byrd, Alvin Constituent Services Director
  • Mike McClay eng
  • Maggie McIntosh Delegate
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If Houston is going to be America’s next great global city, we need transportation options to match. We need to keep Uber in Houston. Please stand up for consumer choice and driver opportunity and make changes to Chapter 46 of the Houston Code of Ordinances without delay.

Houstonians deserve access to reliable, efficient and affordable transportation alternatives. Houston should not be the last major city to embrace revolutionary technology for its transportation. Stand up for me, not rich taxi company owners.

Update Chapter 46 and keep Uber in Houston for good.

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