The Illinois State Senate recently passed HB 4075, a bill that will hurt consumers and limit transportation options across the state. The bill protects taxi special interests working to stifle competition and protect their monopoly. HB 4075 damages consumer choice, safety, economic development, and the ability of municipalities to regulate transportation services in a way that meets their residents’ needs.

This bill will soon reach the Governor’s desk, and you should let him know that you support ridesharing and oppose HB 4075 by signing the petition to the right. Help ensure uberX has a permanent home in Illinois.

The provisions in HB 4075 that threaten Illinois consumers are:

  • Caps on flexible supply: restricting drivers ability to get on the road means fewer cars when you need them. That means more stranded people, more DUIs, and less service to underserved communities that need rides the most.
  • Full-time red tape for part-time drivers: ridesharing creates thousands of jobs for people in need of cash to pay their bills. This bill destroys jobs by requiring even part-time drivers who occasionally work more to get a professional chauffeurs license.
  • Higher costs: applying old insurance models to rideshare drivers that already have nearly 3X the level of insurance as taxis is a maneuver by taxi companies intended to drive costs up for consumers, and protect the taxi monopoly that costs us all dearly.
Dear [recipient_title] [recipient_name],

I am writing to ask you to veto HB 4075.

Ridesharing lowers prices and provides better service for consumers. It creates thousands of new jobs for drivers, helping drive economic growth in Illinois.

I use uberX often because it is safe, reliable and affordable. Ridesharing is also creating new jobs and giving all types of individuals – veterans, teachers, retirees – a new source of income.

Protecting taxi monopolies that drive up costs for consumers and stifle our economy is not what you were elected to do.

Ridesharing has been embraced by cities throughout the world and is here to stay.

You face an important decision. On the one hand is a monopoly fiercely fighting and lying to shield itself from competition and innovation. On the other hand are hundreds of thousands of Illinois residents who are using and benefiting from a ridesharing technology they love.

I urge you to make the right choice for the people of Illinois - Veto HB 4075.

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