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MSY Needs uberX!





Uber is transforming the way New Orleanians live, work, and move around the city. Every day, thousands of people around New Orleans request safe, affordable, and hassle-free rides with uberX — all at the tap of a button.

Unfortunately, there’s one place where you can’t request an uberX: Louis Armstrong International Airport (MSY)—the largest airport in our region. While thousands of people choose uberX as a reliable, affordable way to get from point A to point B in New Orleans, residents and tourists don’t enjoy the same choice when they land at the airport.

But we can change that with your help. Right now, airport officials are considering adding MSY to the growing list of airports that have embraced Uber as a safe, reliable, and convenient transportation option for the passengers they serve.

Let airport officials know you want more choice in transportation options, and that allowing uberX to pick up passengers at MSY will benefit riders, drivers and the city the airport serves. A world-class city deserves a world-class airport experience.

Dear City of New Orleans and New Orleans Aviation Board,

I want to thank you for your consideration of a proposal to allow ridesharing pickups and dropoffs at Louis Armstrong International Airport (MSY) and encourage you to keep moving forward with a plan to integrate Uber.

uberX is a reliable transportation option that is transforming the way New Orleanians move, work and make a living. I believe this safe, affordable option should also be available when riders land at Louis Armstrong International Airport.

Again, thank you for considering the collective voice of thousands of New Orleanians who want more choice in transportation options at Louis Armstrong International Airport, and who believe strongly that MSY needs uberX.

Thank you.


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