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UPDATE: You spoke, and your leaders listened. With the stroke of a pen, Nevada became the latest in a growing list of states to embrace smart ridesharing regulations that support innovation, expand economic opportunity, and put consumer choice and safety first.

And this week, we are excited to say that the next step in bringing Uber back to Nevada is complete. Thanks to a decision made by the NTA, Transportation Network Companies are now able to apply for a permit to operate in the Silver State. Uber is committed to a fair rule making process that follows the intent of the legislation and we look forward to working with the NTA on permanent rules that ensure the highest levels of safety while while making it easier, safer and more affordable for more people to move around.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without you. Your calls, tweets, and emails made all the difference and prompted elected officials to adopt reasonable regulations that work for Nevadans everywhere. Because of you, Uber is here to stay.

This past October, Uber launched in Nevada, answering the call of tens of thousands of residents looking for a better way to move around Nevada’s cities and suburbs. In the following weeks, we helped connect riders with more than 25,000 safe, reliable and affordable rides. And nearly 1,000 Nevada drivers were able to partner with Uber to start their own small business and earn an income on their own terms.

But in late November, we chose to temporarily pause operations in the state, allowing time for us to work with your elected officials to create a permanent regulatory framework that supports uberX ridesharing in Nevada. For the last few months, we have worked with legislators in the Nevada State Senate and Assembly in Carson City to create a permanent home for ridesharing in the Silver State.

We need your help to make sure that Uber will be in Nevada for the long term. Drivers deserve the opportunity to get back on the road and earn a living on their terms, and riders should have access to safe, reliable and affordable transportation.


The Nevada legislature is scheduled to adjourn June 1st — and if we don't act now, we will have to wait another two years before we can see another vote to bring Uber back to Nevada.

Drivers deserve the opportunity to get back on the road and earn a living on their terms, and riders should have access to safe, reliable and affordable transportation.

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  • Irene Bustamante Adams Assemblywoman
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  • Marilyn Kirkpatrick Assemblywoman
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  • Stephen Silberkraus Assemblyman
  • Victoria Seaman Assemblywoman
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As a Nevadan, I am writing to urge you to stand with the people of Nevada in support of Uber and the choice and opportunity it provides.

Nevadans desperately want and need better, more innovative ways to move around their communities — Uber can help meet that need, as it is currently doing in over 300 cities and 57 countries around the world.

Outdated and protectionist regulations shouldn’t stand in the way of consumer choice and economic opportunity simply to enrich a deeply-entrenched taxi industry. Across the country, millions of riders have voted for Uber with their pocketbooks and hundreds of thousands of drivers are earning more than they ever could in a taxi by partnering with Uber.

Voters like myself consider this a critical issue and I hope that you will work with Uber to find a permanent home for ridesharing in Nevada.

Thank you.

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