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The State Legislature is debating how to regulate ridesharing in Massachusetts. The House Financial Services Committee has heard all parts of the debate and is working to craft legislation.

There are groups pushing provisions that, if included in the bill, could mean the end of ridesharing - and the end of the affordable transportation access and income opportunities millions of Massachusetts residents have come to depend on.

The ridesharing industry welcomes regulations that protect both consumer choice and continued innovation. Uber has worked with over 25 state legislatures across the country that have passed sensible regulations that have allowed Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) - and their immense benefits - to continue to keep millions of people across the country moving affordably and safely.

Uber’s technology allows for new levels of safety to be implemented before, during and after every trip. From screening of drivers to GPS tracked trips, to cashless payments; Uber’s technology has added new layers of protection for both riders and drivers to get safely from point A to point B. For over four years, Massachusetts residents have increasingly come to rely on Uber’s technology to connect them to safe, affordable rides and greater economic opportunity.

Over 2 million trips occur on the Uber platform in Massachusetts every month. It has become a part of the fabric of our communities and the regulations under consideration could have a significant impact on how Massachusetts moves. Uber supports smart regulations that protect riders and drivers, increase transportation options, and expand access to economic opportunity. Over 67 jurisdictions, including 25 states across the country, have adopted forward-thinking legislation that does just that.