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The Situation

Texans across the state are rapidly embracing ridesharing. As they move from the panhandle to the gulf coast and everywhere in between, Texans expect Uber to connect them to a hassle-free, affordable ride.

A handful of cities are considering the best way to regulate the ridesharing industry—as a result, Uber is forced to comply with a variety of regulatory frameworks that vary as greatly as the Texas landscape. Uber supports smart regulations that protect riders and drivers, increase transportation options, and expand access to economic opportunity. And while dozens of cities and states across the nation have adopted forward-thinking legislation, some cities in Texas have imposed rules that crippled Uber’s ability to connect people with safe, reliable rides.

State Representatives Chris Paddie, John Kuempel, and Lyle Larson have introduced a bill that would establish consistent ridesharing regulations that protect riders, increase transportation options, expand economic opportunity and ensure Uber has a permanent home in Texas.

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